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What's My Fault? - Saransh Kumar Agarwal - Batch of 2018

With high aspirations I took my strides,

To learn and practice the art of saving lives,

The instruments I use are sharp like knives,

Till the edge, I struggle so that you survive.

I start everyday with the thought in my head,

That I do my duty and be strong, that goes unsaid,

Give you hope in times when it’s hanging by a thread,

But then I can’t always stop all the tears that shed.

I get beaten and bruised for trying hard,

My body and mind are now forever scarred,

What’s the use of showing empathy and care?

When I’m inevitably going to get hatred and despair.

The “Doctor” before my name makes me feel proud,

And to treat and save lives is what I have vowed,

Though I will fight against this injustice and disrespect,

I’ll still continue to do my duty and not break a sweat,

I’m not a God, a warrior, not a hero too,

Even I’m a human being just like any of you!

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