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Star-Crossed - Harini S - Batch of 2019

The grass is always greener on the other side

At least that's what they said all the time.

But I never cared about the green.

The blue is what mattered to me,

Especially the blue on the other side

The glorious colour filling up the sky.

But it was never quite enough for my eyes,

Drinking up everything they could see thirstily

And I fervently hoped they could see more

See just past that point where you met with the sea

The place where you were closest to me.

How cruel is it that we are separated by this wretched stretch of water?

How tragic is it that we could never truly meet?

The envy festered deep inside of me

At the sea for daring to touch you.

What audacity does it have to think itself worthy

To think itself as your equal

When all that it's capable of

Is it to be a pale imitation of you

I scoffed at these books

Telling me it reflected your hue

As if it could ever capture you.

Whenever the night arrived, you went into hiding

And a black expanse took your place.

I stared and stared at this forlorn space

Thinking that if I just tried enough

I could look through it to you

But all I ever saw were the stars

Twinkling, as if they were laughing at my misery

Perhaps this was what they meant by star-crossed lovers.

And I wondered, albeit foolishly,

If I just jumped into the sea

And swam to the horizon,

Then maybe, just maybe, I could finally meet you

And would you enjoy meeting me?

Your bewitched admirer from across the sea.

Thinking about it, maybe it isn't half as mad

So with a newfound resolve, I put myself on a boat

Maybe this could be a moment about which historians wrote

Of the ethereal goddess and her lovesick devout

Separated by everything that's inconsequential now

Because I'm getting closer to you with every row.

When suddenly your image gets veiled

By a huge wave of water determined to make me fail

The ocean, my perpetual nemesis

Forever vowed to keep us apart even if it's my very last wish.

And I think about that old woman

I came across at a temple when I was little

Who looked up at you and whispered something about a "heaven"

As I gaze at you now, from underneath the surface

Just as the cold water fills my lungs

I think, "how fitting indeed".

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