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Personality - From the Batch of 2019

I had in me,

A fragment of the sun

Or so they said

About my warmth and radiance.

Yes, the rays can be

Often painfully bright.

Maybe that's why

Your eyes couldn't meet mine,

Or perhaps they

Never cared for the shine.

So, I escaped into the eclipse

Switched places with the moon,

And adorned a veil of elegance

To soothe the night for you.

Of course, the calm and coy,

Could have made for

Just a dull company.

Or perhaps, your eyes

Sparkled only at them stars,

And looked right past me.

So, I sank to the horizon,

To mimic the waves,

That gush over like I,

For the shore they crave.

I understand,

Their unceasing attendance

Could amount to cloy anybody.

Or perhaps, your eyes

Were merely, tired of the sea.

The world watched me fade

Into moist vapours of clouds.

And with me, my faith;

Withholding plenty tears of love.

Eventuallly, I was bound to explode

Into a zillion atoms of rain.

Yet, every single drop of mine

Seemed to seek you

To fall for, again.

Instead, I poured down

With power and gust

As if all of nature

Had suddenly come undone.

Then beamed in seven colours

From the residual rays of my sun.

I spent seasons in ill-suiting shades

Before I finally stopped

Painting my personality

With different hues,

For ignorant eyes

And colourblind fools.

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