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To Thank Or Not To Thank - Srikala - Batch of 2019

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Before you disregard my article as one of them “boring, philosophical” ones, allow me to let you in on a secret mantra. And trust me, using this mantra is so powerful, potentially life-changing, that-

Alright, perhaps I should just tell you what it is.

Thank you.

No, the article hasn’t come to an end already.

Nonetheless, do you realize that the above-mentioned words seemed to have lost its meaning, and is now merely used to indicate the mere conclusion of an event? When was the last time you used those words and actually meant it?

Two simple words, absolute magic in them. Saying thank you lets the one hearing it feel valued. At the same time, it leaves you, the one saying it, feeling richer, for, the more thank-you’s you say, the more you realize the number of blessings you have.

When you actively start finding places to use these golden words, you choose to find something to be grateful for in the first place; in other words, you choose to see something positive in everything. This, in turn, improves your own mental wellbeing.

Honestly, the whole “we’re too close for such formalities” thought ought to be scrapped. Expressing gratitude certainly strengthens relationships. This could be your close friend, or even your own mother. It lets them know that you don’t take them for granted, and establishes their importance in your life.

"Thank-you’s" not only acknowledge the good moments, but also helps you get through some tougher times. Monday morning blues? Next time, try thanking the one who made your breakfast, and/or the one who washes your plates later. The smile they give in answer to your acknowledgement would be a pleasant start to your day. What’s more, now that you’ve made their day as well, you’ve indirectly influenced better treatment of those close to the one you thanked, since you’ve put them in a good mood, and this chain of goody-goodness goes on and on, all because of one teeny tiny one and a half second action of yours.

And thus, let the habit start from here; for reading all the way till the end, and hopefully taking something from this, I thank you.

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