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Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Waking up to the terrifying discovery of the rising load of COVID cases,

Life in the pandemic looks Grim.

We keep Indoors,

When we dare to venture out, We are mindful,

Our Neighbors Smile, but in their eyes reveals a ray of suspicion,

As we do in Mute Accord.

We anticipate thoughts of Demise,

And thinking back to the past times,

Knowing Death too wears a mask.

Falling low in these times being Regular,

Life becomes Tough.

Contemplating How doctors work in these baffling times,

We shall tend to regain confidence.

But no one knows,

There is some good that is hidden in the darkness of our fear.

We have a rare chance to prevail,

It's a rare gift of opportunity,

To renew the world free of the Contagion.

We can be more Perfect than before,

We can enhance the positivity within us,

We can develop more patience Henceforth,

We can empower the Hidden Knack within us,

We can prove on How good a citizen you are!!

Determine to be committed towards the end,

And we shall secure the world from invasion by the Contagion!!!

Stay Safe, Stay Home, Follow the rules, Take your vaccine shots!!!!

Hoping for a sigh of relief from the Pandemic!!!

- Rahul R(2018 Batch

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