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Letters to YouTube - Nanditha Jyothi - 2018 Batch

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

8pm news

3am thoughts

Dear YouTube,

I guess someone was listening to our

apocalyptic cravings.

cause now we've got zombies 

in the form of inhumane people 

and meteor showers to our hearts, 

in every flame in that burns a body. 

That's how this pandemic story starts.

8pm news

3 am thoughts

Dear YouTube,

What is even in trending angmore?

Serial promos, covid misinfo, bathroom

tours,clickbait news

Fine, I'll buy cow dung, just to hit you 

with it

If it's the 'natural' vaccine, effective

not only against covid but all your fibs,

Then you must never get sick Cause the whole country has beaten you with it.

8pm news

3am thoughts

Dear YouTube,

I promise I'll quit you but just one more video

Watching memes, sharing trolls 

Cause what's more unifying than laughing at them


The lotus that pushed us into this doom 

And the actress asking us to make it bloom

Forward it to my WhatsApp groups, we'll laugh our

hearts out

and talk about it in our houseparty room

8pm news

3am thoughts

Dear YouTube,

I'm disconnecting today, cause I feel lost

The first drops fall on the earth, slowly, timidly 

As if scared to wake the creatures of the soil 

As its rises in rhythm and reaches crescendo, 

the most soothing lullaby I've ever heard 

The chilling breeze helping me sail into my solitude Curl up with a book,watch a movie or two

8pm news

3am thoughts

Dear You Tube,

think I've watched everything twice

Days like this, you realize

Where your priorities really lie, 

And time skids to a stop-it's just Saturday everyday 

It gets a bit easier to breath- when you have no


Learning to choose what to let go,

Learning to accept what you can't

Flawsome-the word keep rediscovering every week

8pm news

3am thoughts

Dear You Tube,

I'm limiting one hour of my day to you, no more mindless scrolling

Getting nothing done but doing everything 

Busy but not really, just marking my calender for 

new releases

Busy, just letting life row the boat.

I hope you weren't looking for a message at the end

Cause there isn't one,

Except you're not going through it alone.

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