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Let's Enjoy the Way We're -Poornakumari-2019 Batch

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Writing this with great hopes that this may bring a downpour amidst all the thunders, in atleast one of our lives. We call all the healthcare professionals, policemen, grocery workers etc., as "our frontline warriors". Yet, we fail to stand for our-own-selves as "our-own-frontline warriors". Each of us is struggling physically, mentally or emotionally, in one or the other way. But, even the world's most positive minds can go to a stage that they know all the things to be done to put this shit off, yet, they may feel like, *I don't think I could tolerate these anymore* Remember, nobody can put you down in ANY way, without YOUR consent.

I beg you not to try to be perfect all the time. Waterfalls will no longer be tranquilizing without the noise it creates. Applaud your imperfections man! You never know, even your flaws can make you stand out in a crowd. Only his coarse voice created an identity for Motta Rajendran, sir. And we no more bully Charlie Chaplin for his gait, right? What if these people, lost hope and decided to stop when the crowd laughed at them? Realize the fact that, there'll always be some criticisms no matter how good and perfect you're. (self criticisms included) if you're doing something seriously, people laugh at you, and when you try something to make them laugh, they don't and won't, even if you give them nitrous oxide

Even if your consciousness tells that something is wrong with us or our loved ones( in the way they treat us ), don't let that imbibe your subconscious mind. We all are so sarcastic that we'll never rethink or revise what we learn for our career, but we'll never ever stop thinking about stuffs that ultimately haunt our everything, not just the careeer, per se.

So, Let's all enjoy the way we're!"

Just a suggestion, try if you think it may help you out: Do you watch movies when you're stressed? Watch any movie, literally anything, and try to relate it to your life in a positive CONSTRUCTIVE way. Trust me! You may find it difficult to start with, but you'll never regret the fact that "movies make a great impact on us". And try out some meditations with worthy voice overs.(not just a trivial one which makes us fall asleep)

P.S: All the above are just my perception. Pardon me, if any of my words hurt you in any way! Don't wait, you can just come and hit me hard if you feel something above is wrong. And if this blog helped you to some extent, I don't ask you to like and comment, but share this piece of writing with someone who's in need.

-A soul that's longing to see y'all soon!

Never let your soul lose itself to the devil inside you. Even if you're in the darkest room, you'll find your way to the door in sometime. But your eyes can adapt only if your soul has that pinch of patience.

Do you feel somewhat lonely, when you wake up with no messages in your inbox? can feel you bruh But, have you ever thought of initiating a talk with that person you're expecting to show up to you? know this may end up in some awkwardness, yet we'll get the satisfaction that ATLEAST, WE TRIED. And what's the reason for us to hesitate? Fear of judgements, right? But how can we forget that this could possibly be a reason for our loved ones silence too?

We all have the tendency to relate ourselves to a general negative comment. The irony is that we may not even know the person who preached it. But, do we really relate to that same extent in case of a positive one? This is where we all slip.

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