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Updated: Sep 4, 2022


A disease killing lives

Spreading negative vibes

Pushed all together in sudden strangeness,

No school, no college and no office

just left with the house to stay.

The days felt to be long,

Together as a family we stood strong.

With the sun rise,

Decided to write a new chapter of life.

Hoping the awkward feel of change

Would soon fade.

The time has come

To learn new things

Refilling the mind,

With plenty new stuffs.

Starting the day with walk on terrace,

along with the heat of few silly debates.

Together on the breakfast table

Discussing current affairs.

The period made vit-c heaven...

With the workload shared,

Never made us tired.

All those virtual chats,

Never made us sad.

Those v calls with friends,

Clicking screenshots of their weird faces.

Updating status of those hourly calls,

That ended by discussing,

the topic to discuss..

Scrolling up the photo gallery

With mobile in one hand and

dalgona (coffee)on the other.

The day well spent,

Trying out new recipes.

Found a chef in dad

Messing up the whole kitchen.

Revision of pcb books,

Made me strange,

The exam dates came too late.

Felt like the wait is in my fate...

The wait turned fruitful,

Gave me happiness handful,

i felt very grateful,

It Made the lockdown successful.

The new normal accepted

Masks were added,

But soon the second wave,

Again Locked us down.

Felt like someone switched on

The replay button of life.

The same thing repeated,

Just the viva and internals added.

We still waiting for the things to get normal.




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