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Morning Travails Of An Unknown Faculty...

11 Nov 2021

Dr. Vimal Kumar
Dept. Of Surgery

Be it a car park struggle or some wet steps on the roadside.
One has chosen, with a smile, to take it one’s stride.
Weathering battering rains in the monsoon or summer torrid,
And now, needless to remind, even the omnipresent COVID.

The trysts with patients and students soon begin, but before,
There is a wheezy climb up the stairs to the third floor.
At the meandering ward rounds, it is the same old story,
Empty case sheets, and delayed reports from laboratory.

Post haste begins the classes, and the assorted types of students,
Some bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, some wise and prudent.
Some still in the land of nod with a sleepy presence,
But the eternal nemesis is the one who has taken a vow of silence

In the quagmire of OPDs, wards, operation theatres and classes,
And, lest one forgets, long drawn meetings with the top brasses.
One gets into the routine, except in an exigency,
And without a pause, continues the odyssey.

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