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Cute Notebooks

From the desks of...


....the Principal : 
Dr. Subbarao

This is a wonderful initiative to bring the faculties and students together to exchange thoughts, ideas and talent. It's a refreshing glass of lemonade at the end of a hot day!

.....the Patrons :
Dr.Vimal and Dr. Sujaya

We've been here since the very beginning and might we add, that we always make it a point to not miss out on any LIT club events despite our demanding work and lifestyle, not just because it indulges our favorite interests, but also because it has become a necessity to lighten the load off of a stressful day. It's wonderful to see all of this back in action and we wish the team the very best of it all.



....the Faculty-In-Charge :
Dr. Shanthakumari

Literature is an Art of the mind and gives way for free expression which boosts the self-esteem and confidence of the students. The delicate strings of literature and a bold expression of art shall weave this magazine into a canvas for the student community to become the best of healers, leaders and above all, a good human. My best wishes to the team.

.....the Faculty-In-Charge :

Dr. Muruganand

If one could pull down the rainbow write your name on it and put it back to let everybody know how colorful life can all about this Literature & Arts club. Being a student or as a faculty, bringing in an e-journal is a registery of such sweet memory and an addon beautiful expression of togetherness in elating from education to a meaningful life. My best wishes to the team!

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